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Mission Trip England, Wales, India November /December 2012

For the past twenty years, I have been honored to be involved with many people in mission trips all over the world.    In November 2012 I invited Bishop Bill McMahan to be a co-celebrant in the ordination of four ordinands for priest in Wigan, England in the living Faith Church of Bishop Steven Evans.   The ordinands were Denis Bradley, David Colborn, Mikah Evans and John Gaughn.  We were greeted and treated hospitably by the entire church.  We were able to minister to the congregation in the anointing and power of the Holy Spirit.  A lovely ordination service was held at St. James of Poolstock.  It was well-attended by family and friends. 

Following the ordination, Dr. David Brewer, Pastor John, Bishops Bill and Steve and Archbishop Doyle traveled to Wales.  It was a lovely trip along the seaside.  The mountains, sky, and sea were unspeakably beautiful.  We travelled to Manorbier for a concert and strong preaching by the Rev. John Gaughn.  The concert was hosted by the Rev Jon Fiddy and was well received. Some of the guests committed their lives to Christ and others rededicated themselves.  Bishop Bill and I were honored to stay in a beautiful home of a couple named Denis and Carol Andrews.  We were blessed by their generosity and hospitality.  Later we returned back by the Moriah Chapel where Evan Roberts' ministry began the Welsh Revival in 1904.

As Archbishop, I invited Bishop Steven to travel with me to Chennai, India on a Mission and Conference.  We were hosted in the home of Rev.  Dhas and his family, which consists of the Reverend Isaac Dhas, Mallika, his wife,  and four daughters, Regina, Gail, Maria, and Veronica, who were blessings during the entire mission.  Bishop Steve and I alternated preaching assignments and we both ministered in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Many people reported healing, deliverance, and encouragement.  We ministered in one church which had no walls or roof.  The pastor reported that the people of this village made their living catching snakes and selling the meat.  We visited the St. Thomas Mound in Chennai where the Apostle Thomas was killed by a Hindu spear.  An orphanage welcomed us and sang a song and we passed out gifts of candy.  The children gave me handshakes and kisses on the cheek.
The pastors' conference near Chennai had over a hundred and twenty pastors, some having come as far as two thousand kilometers.  There was much singing, preaching, and twenty-five pastors were ordained.  Most of these came from Orissa Province and had traveled a long distance to be in attendance.
Bishop Steve and I said our good-bye's to our new found family in hope that we would visit them again next year.

++Archbishop Doyle

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