Palm Sunday Worship
ANCCIU In Pakistan Through Skype

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I had an uplifting experience when I attended Palm Sunday Worship of ANCCIU in Pakistan through skype.  We had a Pentecost experience, they Sang in Urdu while I sang in Kikuyu, a song which I composed when I was 19 and was going through persecution just as our beloved brothers and sisters in Pakistan are going through. At that time I was deprived of food and was extremely thin, but in contrast the song which I was given by the Holy Spirit was: The greatest treasure; The greatest peace; The greatest joy; Is Christ the Lord.
Our time with our brothers and sister in tribulation reminded me of the words of our Lord: "God is Spirit, and His worshippers must worship Him in Spirit and in truth." when we were in worship the Spirit of the Risen Lord fell upon us and we had tears of joy which depicted the fulfillment of Christ promise:

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